How we work. JNZ Creative in Coleshill, Warwickshire (Birmingham). How we work.
We try to make the process as painless as possible! Following the initial consultation we use a series of key stages that have to be agreed and signed off by the client as we work through the project.

Client Discussion - We would want to meet up with a prospective client, ask a series of questions so that we really understand the objectives of the site, the target market and the method of generating interest. After this we normally show the client what different options are available in terms of site design, maybe CMS, maybe static or possibly even flash.

Proposal - We then go away and match the needs of the client with the best option for a site, and come back with a proposal. If the proposal is accepted then we start!

Three Designs - We will always give you options, enough to ensure you have control over the design but not too many to bog you down! Normally for a primary theme we would design three options in image software, the client then chooses one and offers opinions. We then take on board the comments of the client and amend the chosen site theme accordingly
Choose from three

Sub Page Options - We then design some sub pages to show the whole look of the site. We’ll give a few options of sub pages again so that the client can confirm which is the best way forward. At this stage we have now agreed how the site is going to look! This is where we sit down with the client and agree the scope of the content - then we then start coding!

Review Beta Site - The next stage involves a live Beta preview of the site either on local JNZ Servers or live on the domain. There is an opportunity here for small amendments within the frame of the design.

Enter Content - Then the content is entered on to the site and final checks are carried out

Finish - Congratulations your new site has been completed - Enjoy!