Measuring Performance
How can you quantify success without having accurate reporting on performance? You can't. That's why we build into our site, industry standard Analytics solutions. The range of information is incredible, but what it means to optimizing your website is even more so.

Information is key! Amongst other things we can give you the reports to access who (by geography at least) has been looking at your site, what they looked at, how long they were on each page, where they left at, what brought them to the site, what keyword search tool did they use to find you. Any information that you need (and some that you don’t) to make a decision about changing, updating , removing or adding to your site can be found in this data. Want some examples?

Okay a front page statistic is the bounce rate. This means the number of people who land on your site, then decide immediately that it’s of no interest to them and go somewhere else. What does this tell you? Are you paying to drive the traffic in - are you paying for the wrong search term? What keywords did they search for to find you? Is this way off? Is the content on your home page so poor that people are instantly driven away? With the right information, you can get to the root of your visitors most common browsing habits, then use this information to tailor your content and design to get better results. Higher conversions, more sales, more leads, more hits, more downloads. Whatever your objective is. Common factors reported on are listed below. For more information about this then please just give us a call. We’d love to speak to you.