Creating and Managing Lists / Subscribers
Automation, one of the great benefits of the internet. Set something up once and then your customers have the freedom to add and remove themselves from receiving correspondence automatically. But it gets better.....

With dedicated back office content management solution, the whole process is linked. Let’s say that we’re launching a new product later in the year and we want people to be able to subscribe to a list to be advised when it comes in stock - no problem! This could be a completely separate list to your general mailing list. You can set up as many as you like!

The great thing is that when you send a email to your subscribers from your website there’s a line built in at the foot of the email which says something like “If you would like to unsusbcribe then please click here” - when they do, it does. Fantastic!

It gets better! Not only do you, and your customers have complete control over who receives what, but this information also ties in with your back mail analytics software, which will tell you who opened the mail what they looked at, where they went and loads of other fantastic information. As you can see the front office website is just the start of a new or improved way of managing your customer interactions. We’ll work it through with you. The potential is limitless.