Email Campaigns
There's no denying that getting a sales message direct to your customer's desktop is a powerful thing. Of course spam is annoying but interesting, relevant and useful offers are not. We help you to run an efficient and measurable email campaign. It's so simple it's almost a crime.

Other companies who use the same back office engineIn any business, an easy, direct and cost effective method of reaching all your clients is a simply brilliant thing. Now imagine that you could take that a stage further? Imagine that you could contact your clients instantly via email, then see which ones opened the mails, where they clicked. How about if we had real time reporting - why not have a sales person ready, watching the process. Your customer opens their mail looks at the site then…’re on the phone - “Hi, can I talk to you about the product?”. Brilliant.

So how hard is it to setup? Won’t my customers just delete my mail? I don’t want my company to be classed as a “Spammer”. We understand that there are objections, but done right - in partnership with JNZ - we can help you overcome the difficulties and reap the benefits. Ask yourself a very simple question. If it didn’t work, then why would people continue to do it?

The software and back office process that we use for the sending of bulk emails is a world wide market leader and has been used by some of the most well know names in the industry.